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Rules of the Road

Collectors West and Rose City Gun Collectors requires compliance with all federal, state and municipal firearms laws and ordinances.

In Oregon, an Oregon State Police background check is required for all purchasers of all firearms, antiques being the only exception.  Forms and information regarding the background check process for non-FFL holders are available in the show office and at the front entrance.

All transactions must take place INSIDE the building. NO EXCEPTIONS.

No loaded firearms, magazines or speedloaders are allowed, with the exception of law enforcement and private security officers in contract with C.W.I.

ALL FIREARMS MUST HAVE THEIR ACTIONS TIED OPEN. Where that is impractical due to design, the action MUST be tied to make it inoperable and conspicuous by visual inspection. All detachable magazines MUST be removed from firearms before being placed on a table.

NO bulk gunpowder or explosive bullets. NO loose cartridges or loaded clips near firearms for which they are intended.

Any extended bayonets attached to firearms MUST be scabbard. If a bayonet has no scabbard, it must be folded against the stock or removed.

No person under 18 of age will be admitted, unless accompanied by an adult, parent or guardian.

No audio/visual equipment allowed without permission of show management. Collectors West reserves the right to all audio/visual reproductive equipment used in or around its show property.

Show security reserves the right to inspect all bags, packages or containers entering or exiting the show.

RV parking in designated RV parking area only and in accordance with the venue regulations

Collectors West, Inc. disclaims any liability for any of the acts of its vendors, guest or visitors which might be construed to violate any laws, ordinances or regulation. It is the responsibility of each individual to become familiar with all laws applicable to firearms and ammunition, and to abide by them at all Collectors West shows. Collectors West, Inc. will not assume, nor be held responsible for any degree of liability for loss from theft, personal injury, or other losses or accidents, or any illegal actions.

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